Tree Service Experts

Sussex & Surry Tree Service

Stump Grinder

This is a photo of Sussex & Surry Tree Service's Stump Grinder.

Debris Removal

Here is a pile of debris that Sussex & Surry Tree Service removed from a cutomer's property.

Chipper Service

This photo shows Sussex & Surry Tree Service's Chipper. This tool allows us to chip up tree branches into mulch or compost material for our clients.

Tree Removal

This photo shows the Sussex & Surry Tree Service Bucket Truck Operator performing a tree removal operation.

Grapple Dump Truck

Sussex & Surry Tree Service has a Grapple/Dump Truck for removing debris from our job sites.

Grapple Truck Operator

This picture shows the Sussex & Surry Tree Service Grapple Truck operating as it removes timber from a job site.

Back Hoe

Please call us if you require Back Hoe service.

When you see this sign on one of Sussex & Surry Tree Service's vehicles, call the number if you require any type of tree service.

Tree Grinder In Transport

Sussex & Surry Tree Service's Stump Grinder is being towed out to a job site.

Bob Cat Skidder

This photo shows a very useful tool employed by Sussex & Surry Tree Service. This Bob Cat is ready to take on various tasks on your property.

Power Saws

These are various Power Saws that are used in Sussex & Surry Tree Service's day-to-day operations.